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  Important: a little bit of how I work:

  • For restoration and conservation work, price estimate is calculated after physical inspection of the object. The total price depends on the total amount of hours to complete the task and any other added services, needs or requests. 
  • Payment terms:  usually 50% upon acceptance of work and 50% upon work delivery and via bank transfer, eventually a "tikkie" can be sent to your mobile phone number to facilitate the payment transaction. Cash payments are not accepted, nor handled in the atelier, apart rare exceptions for small repairs. Invoices and other payment requests are expected to be paid within 7 to 15 days of its issuing date.
  • Price estimates made at the atelier,  are usually free of charge. It is not possible to make quote estimates using photos. I can provide an indication, and this might change once I inspect the object live. 
  • Quotes for larger amounts of objects and more complex projects  will require application of consultancy fees. For your commodity, I can visit your premises for advise or object inspection. For these visits I charge hourly consultancy and commuting fees. 
  • I can dispatch your commission by postal services are possible, with or without track-and-trace code.  Postage costs include  packaging  and administration time; and they will be included in the invoice.  You will be informed in advance of the costs involved. We wave any responsibility of transport damages by the postal or courier services chosen. 
  • For comprehensive and written report on the state of an object, without actual services involved, there will be consultancy and reporting charges.

  • Delivery conditions are according the Koninklijk Verbond van Grafische Ondernemingen (Royal Dutch Association of Printing and Allied Industries) at Amstelveen, The Netherlands.
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