"Pursue excellence, ignore success"(Deepak Chopra)

 N A U T I L U S  -  boekbinderij en restauratie atelier 

since 2015 offering bookbinding, remedial conservation and restoration services for private collectors, companies and institutions. All assignments are executed according to the European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisations (E.C.C.O.)  Ethical Codeaiming to preserve the object's integrity, emotional and historical value. 

You may contact me for simple repair to a more complex restoration project for books in paper, book cloth or book linen, leather and parchment. I welcome modern and old books, but also collectibles like comic books in need of some attention.

I am also a member of Restauratoren Nederland , ICON (The Institute of Conservation) and IADA (International Association of Book and Paper Conservators) and Stichting Handboekbinden.

What is  remedial conservation and restoration?

According to the definitions by the I.C.O.M. - International Council of Museums:.

Remedial conservation are the actions directly applied to an object aimed at arresting current damaging process or reinforcing their structure. They are carried out when the item is in such a fragile condition or deterioration that they could be lost in a relatively short time.

Restoration comprises all actions applied to a single and stable item aimed at facilitating its appreciation, understanding and use. These actions are only carried out when the item has lost part of its significance or function through past alteration or deterioration. They are based on respect for the original material.

Bookbinder and book restorer

Bookbinding evolved along more than 3000 years and is still being practiced to present days as a field of Applied Arts.  The range of book styles is vast . I do not make dummies for the graphic industry.

All my projects are handmade and fit to your requirements, using the best materials available from trusted suppliers. I also count with a vast network of colleagues and specialists able to provide nothing but the best results for your project. I offer you the opportunity to have and unique object: from a medieval style book, to a modern variation, or a protective box. I also make custom made archival boxes and presentation supports.

Miniature springback book

For a professional book restorer, the skills of hand bookbinder are a big advantage: understanding how a book is constructed, the mechanics and difficulties in building up certain structures helps you to understand why certain damages happen and facilitates finding a solution to prevent further damage or to remedy the issue. Restoration has a different approach to book as an object than bookbinding: and for that you need further training. Therefore, not all bookbinders will necessarily be book restorers and vice-versa.

A bit more about myself

I am Eliane C. Gomes , bookbinder and book restorer and managing director of the company. I am married and have been living in The Netherlands since 1998 after living and studying in Brazil, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

I am a trained and certified paper and book restorer and hand bookbinder by the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht - Art & Design College, The Netherlands. 

I frequently follow professional  courses, updates,  congresses , symposium and extra schooling via  different academic institutes and professional associations, both local and international.

I  hold other degrees such as a B.Sc. in Business Administration (Brazil);  S.H.A. Hotel Management Diploma (Les Roches - Switzerland) and Project Management Certification (MCE - Belgium).  I have a wealth of experience in business services, worldwide cross-functional projects, logistics, HR and hotel operations. 

You will find more about my full professional career, education and certifications via LinkedIn.  Scroll down for some samples of my work. You will find more pictures in the contact page, Instagram and Facebook.

 I was the winner of the book challenge from the book Collectief 14x14 (Belgium), with the theme "Kleur (color)" - 2018.The book went for a whole year on a tour in  Belgium and is now back home.

Via Instagram and Facebook you can find more examples of my work, and hereby just a small impression.